You read the title... I am considering it.

Has anybody seen one of these, I'm too scared to search for anything 'furry' on Googs.
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Cheap Fur Strat
I don't know if you'll find one.

Cheap fur guitar? Yes.

Cheap fur Strat? I haven't seen one.
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Hah! ZZ Top, of course. What I should have asked was how you get the fur cleanly around the entire body. I am considering 'Cookie Monster' theme, complete with face. Possibly cookies.
Depends what you like I guess.

Personally I've flirted with the idea of covering my squier in shag carpet.
Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.
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why on earth would you do that?^

who on earth would buy that?

the lulz

don't care, it's barely worth pocket change as is

Again, I nag: does anybody know how to get a seamless fabric cover over the curving strat body?
I'd think if you were to somehow sew a 'pocket' of your fur, and stick your guitar into that, you'd be okay. that, or just carefully glue the fabric on?

Use ductape... Haha, JK.
Cover the body in contact cement and then the fur, then carefully place it on.
Or, some elmers glue would work.
Squier strat + glue + fur = cheap fur strat

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