On my bands Myspace, if I upload a cover of a Bullet For My Valentine song, and clearly state I dont own the song or anything, is it still illegal?

Or is it totally not allowed, no covers on Myspace?

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iv seen plenty of covers on myspace.i think its fine as long as you dont make any money from it
Possibly illegal but nobody will care.

As SlightOffense said, it's probably fine, the music industry only cares if it means they lose out on money.
Check the copyright for dummies thread. I bumped it for you so it is on the first page again now - though it is in the Musician Talk forum.


article #3 post 13 and follow-up in post 21.

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yes it violates copyright laws, but will anyone care... probably not
Even if they were allowed on MySpace, it's still illegal. We've had this discussion about a thousand times here in the Bandleading forum. Maybe we need a nice big Bandleading FAQ for questions like this.
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