Hey UGers my band has started to write some original songs and none of us are any good at writing lyrics, so I was wondering if anyone would like to help. It dosent matter about location just as long as you can write some lyrics and possibly a melody to our recordings. You would be credit for the stuff that you would write and all that stuff. By the way we play mostly rock.

If your interested send me a PM and we can talk about it more.

Thanks in advance.
"Are you thinking what Im thinking?"
"I dont know are you thinking holy shit, holy shit a swordfish almost went through my head, if so yes."

Get Smart


is there somthing wrong with me
or maybe I cant see
this second chance so far away
but how can I be seen
for who I am and who I wanna be

I am overwhelmed with the same old things
the presure is building up
I need to brethe
cause I am suffocating

somehow I see the world a different way
then people that I know
who change to say the same
and who never question anything
about who we should be

repeat corus

sufficating with the same old things
and no one knows who I wanna be
not even me woah
not even me

repeat corus