Hey everyone. This is the first track, titled A Warrior's Bane, from my upcoming original album.

I was not planning on posting any of the tracks until the whole thing was complete, but I am mainly posting this to get people's opinions on how it sounds. Lead/rhythm tones, too much/not enough bass, overall quality, things like that.

It's in my profile at the bottom, any comments appreciated.

Hey dude, I checked out your track. First off the music and guitar work is great. I liked it a lot. The quality of the guitars is excellent, I think the tones are ideal, lead tone was especially good. I am listening on small speakers so I can't really tell you how the bass was. The drums sounded nice and clean, very good production. They could possibly be a bit louder but go at your own discretion on that, as its not really necessary.

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I OVE THE RIFFS. the drums sound really nice along with the song too, but I'm assuming its a drum machine (right?)
Great harmonies with the guitars, and I like the solos a lot also.
My main suggestion is maybe get less midi sounding drums (if possible) and turn up the bass a little bit just to add depth to your song.


and great work!
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Firstly, I think you've really nailed the mix; the guitars are clear but not over-powering, I can hear and feel the bass but it blends in nicely, kick and snare are clear (snare could perhaps be louder as it sounds slightly weak), and the lead sound is lovely. The rhythm guitars could perhaps have a bit of the low-end removed to make sure things don't get muddy, but I'm just nitpicking there.

I especially like the intro and you've got some really catchy riffs in the song.

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Awesome, thanks a ton guys. Just what I wanted to hear. And yeah, they aren't real drums, I'm using Beatcraft.

Oh, I've looked at all your work now, check your threads.

I felt the fade in and out thing was a little weird at the beginning but the riff after it kicks ass and so does every other riff after it. You have a great ability to make extremely catchy riffs that are headbangable. Although there is one awkward part in the solo it for the most part kicks ass. I like it when the bass comes through a little after the riff after the solo. I like the breakdown-ish riff towards the end a lot.

Overall that's a great song and everything is pretty much where it needs to be but I would have liked it if the bass would have been a little more audible in some parts.

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