hey guys, basically this is my problem. I bought the BOSS AC-3 acoustic simulator pedal so i could switch from having serious rock overdrive/distortion to an acoustic/clean sound when im playing. so i plugged everything in just my amp, the pedal and my guitar and when i activated the pedal it did nothing. as far as i could tell there was no change. the pedal was definitly on and everything. have i got a faulty model or somthing? or is it the case i actually need 2 amps to be able to switch from overdrive to acoustic? ( i doubt it is cos tht would make it pointless...right?)

anyway thanks in advance
Do you use overdrive from the amp?

In this case, you'll just be overdriving the acoustic sound...
If you have the distorsion on when you engage the AC-3 it will also be there. It's like adding distorsion to an acoustic guitar... it will sound overdriven.
Are you using overdrive on the amp? If so, you'd be better off either using seperate channels or leaving your amp on clean and using an overdrive pedal, and then turn it off and turn the acoustic simulator on when you want a clean acousticy tone. From what I remember it doesn't actally make an awful lot of difference anyway.
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