Hi, I was looking at some youtube videos and i saw a dude playing over a pink floyd style track that sounded similar to shine on you crazy diamond.. so anyway my question is, what scales *or modes) does he use in order to get that gilmour melodic feel. I'n not talking about techniques such as those heavy sustained vibratos, just the notes...

Anyway, please keep it simple, because i am fairly new to music theory ...


EDIT: Here's the video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpI-z-dt3eg
Dorian mode, pentatonic minor, and bluesy bends/curls (scale).

In this the main (1st progression) = G Dorian/pentatonic/blue

After that riff he/you (can) play(s) aeolian or G natural minor.

The progression starts of with; Gm(7) - D 2x then there's a brief Eb Major chord going into a D chord.

This D chord acts like a V - i (D - Gm) giving the impression of a cadence, but with minor chords instead, and is not very uncommon (this is an harmonic minor convention) This establishes more that the key is G minor (G dorian actually)

After those parts, there's a chromatic harmony going from; Gm - Gbm - F Major - Em - Eb - D - Eb - D back into Gm (1st riff).

I suggest using Dorian for the first riff, and after that "follow" the chords.

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