hey there I have a mexican telecastor in bits that has been sprayed for about 2 years now but I wanna put it back together with new pickups I'm going for a white bodied guitar but with gold features so I'm wondering if anyone knows of any great (non vintage sounding) pickups for a telecaster, I used to have a maverick guitar with seamore duncans in and they were great, I'm looking to use for rock, grunge and as much metal as I can get out of a tele
preferably want it to fit dont want to have to make any adjustments, ill check out those emg's though
EMG-T tele set Or EMG-TC which one do you reckon is best, they are both the same price also just found a set on ebay for 125 but it says it has a output jack (ok) with on and off switch (what is that), and also why does it need a 9v PP3 battery and if so is that a normal 9v battery
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