I want to replace the electronics, hardware, and neck on my Squier Strat...

What are your thoughts on these pre-wired pickguards.

They're amazingly cheap but is the quality worth it?

and what about these?

Are these any good?

Im aiming for a John Mayer tone...Which type of pickup will suit me best?
the ones they offer are
-pure vintage
-fat vintage
-mega texas

Also...how are mighty mite strat replacement necks..? I found a website that sells them for 88 dollars.

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go for big dipper pickups, that's what he uses... and you say aiming for john mayer tone. you do realise he aims for a SRV tone, so you're best just aiming for that.
I bought a mighty mite neck and they are basically fender necks 100%. They are licensed by fender to create replacement parts.

But otherwise I found the fret work to be clean and the wood to be of nice quality. They usually don't ship with screw holes so you'd need to drill those out.

Not a hard thing to do.
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The 30 dollar-ish ones will be nothing special.. Just no name pickups in a pickguard. The more expensive US made ones that are loaded with GFS pickups will be way better and worth the money. For a Mayer tone I'd say go for Texas voiced pickups.