Hi UG, first post btw

but yea i started my journey to be a "guitar master" about 3 months ago. I have basically been practicing scales and picking. just becoming fimilar and faster.

Anyway, it's time I started practicing chords and just get the basics. so today I started and Im having significant trouble with getting some of the notes to ring out of the Chords. Will my fingers eventually be able to not hold down other strings, or should I maybe practice a different way. I have long big fingers and It always seems like a tiny tiny part of my skin is holding down the wrong strings.

Before I even start practicing these, I just wanted to make sure I was doing it the right way.

any help appreciated, and thanks alot

yes. practice, practice, practice. just keep it up, and you will get it
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Yes it does take time and practise to get it right.

Try forming the chords then removing your fingers and wiggle them then replace them back onto the strings. You will then get faster and faster at doing this.

Then try switch between 2 chords back and forth. It will come with time and your think nothing of it!

Also I would recommend this too.

Would also recommend learning the theory and Zeguitarist other lessons too.

Good luck
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