listen to the tunes i've got on my profile and give me some feed back? (other than i know it's a drum machine hahaha) thx

Not bad man I would turn the drum track down a bit on all of the tunes.
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*nod* that's something i have a problem with for sure, with the way i set it up and "mix" the drums before i import them into sonar 7, it's just super hard to get a mix right without losing them in the mix. The compressor and Pre-amps that come w/ sonar are absolutely terribad so it's difficult to say the least. Regardless, ty for listening and for the input.
reverb + a slightly lower on the levels = decent drums.
Also the bass drum is kinda goofy sounding. not enough depth. reverbrance? to high pitched? idk

I liked them though overall. The second two were quite a bit different from the first one. I liked the first one best, but the other two were decent, just less to my preference.