Hi guys,

I want to learn a bit of German and I was thinking that my guitar skill can help me with that. Can any of you recommend me some all-time easy German song which I can easily have the tabs/chords?
Example for English would be Knocking on heaven's door. Please don't tell me to just translate the lyrics...

I consider myself at intermediate level; so intermediate should not be a problem as well but I wanna concentrate more on the singing part.

Many thanks
Yes there are some easy songs - but i don'T think that you really want to play them
Juergen Drews - Ein Bett im Kornfeld
Marmorstein und Eisen bricht (I don't knwo who sings that)

If you are more rock-interested, than look for songs of "die aerzte" or "die toten Hosen"

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Doesn't "99 Red Balloons" have a German part? That would make a great acoustic song.

The original version is completely german. "99 Luftballons" (Nena)
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The original version is completely german. "99 Luftballons" (Nena)

Well then that is what I suggest. Thanks.

these songs are pretty hard to find. I only managed to get 99 luftballons... :S
'Ein Lied' and 'Los' by Rammstein. 'Ohne Dich' is another good one if you're feeling emotional.
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I wanna hold your hand by the beatles has a german version called
"kom, gib meir deine hand"