Posting this for my friend's little brother (and, I guess for me too, haha). This kid's gonna be playing school dances with me and his older brother in a five piece (vox, two guitar, bass, drums) and he needs something powerful enough to play in a gym for about 300 kids unmiced. He's convinced he can do it with a used Crate 80 watter (dunno the model) he can get used for about $150, but I'm fairly sure that won't be enough power. He can't exactly drop a grand and a half on his rig, it needs to be under $500. I've heard very good things about the Ashdown MAG C410T-300, and the local shop appears to have one used in pretty good shape for $330. I'm gonna recommend it to him but is there any new stuff that can fit the bill for that price?
The Ashdown will do well
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The ashdown will be perfect for what he needs.
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Thanks, guys. I'll punch him until he buys the Ashdown, haha. Any thing else other than the Hartke he should look at new though?
Something from the Carvin website.
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