Has been a good amp for me over the past 2 years or so but since I don't really play live It is just taking up space in my already smallish room so I am selling it.

I have the box and the pedal all working fine. The amp also works 100% with some minor scuffs on the body where it was gigged with around 2-3 times. The only problem with the amp is that when you turn it on the fan in the back buzzes for a while. It then quitens down a bit. It isn't that noticable unless your playing REALLY quiet and so it is not a problem for playing live. This buzzing doesn't come out of the amp - just the fan so it doesn't show up on recordings if your using line out or it doesn't come through the headphone jack. I could make a video to show what I mean by this if needed.

I am willing to let it go quite cheap and will post it if needs be. I'd like to see offers.

No Jokers/Haters Please.


PS. I will also post up pictures if anyone is actually interested.
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