What's up kids?
I have been looking for a new phase sound similar to the Moog 12 stage phaser thru a distortion box. I love that changing vocal vowel sound that it has, like aaeeeiiiooouuuwwaahhyyiiieeeoooeeeaaooow. etc... you can hear what I mean at:
http://www. samedaymusic.com/products/BIGMF--103
Go down halfway to demo sounds and click on "Chunky Phase" and "Sawtooth 12 Stage". I love the Chunky Phase sound and that's what I'm aiming for. The problem is that the Moogerfooger costs an arm, a leg, and a nut, and I need my arms. Does anyone know of a similar sounding pedal that's cheaper (in price)? I have a few phasers already, but none have that changing vowel thing going on, and I've been checking out sound clips on the main music dealer websites and so far no go. Please help I'm toneless. Thanks. MJO
Well, 'kid', how about you get a job and earn some money before resorting to cheap excuses instead of what you really want...