I usually just borrow a bass from my school, but I'd like to buy one for myself, and I'd like to buy an amp and bass for £300ish, I might be able to stretch to £350, but no more than that. I play some indie, some metal, some rock, so I'd also like my gear to be pretty versatile.

Curses...i have nothing of interest to write in this here place.
I'll probably incure the wrath of many people on this board but I'll say it anyway: I really doesnt matter which practise amp you get if its under £100. (For the sake of reliability I'd say get a bass thats around £200).
To be more helpful, you can't go wrong with the VM, CV and Deluxe series Squiers. Avoid Epiphone unless you're more concerned about looks than tone.
Squier Vintage Modern + a small Laney/Fender/Hartke amp would be good.

The Warwick Rockbass Blackhawk package is good aswell and has everything you could want, plus its JM pickup config so its quite tonally flexible
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