my recording software came with my effects pedel.when i downloaded it on my computer it said that i have a certain amount of time i can use it before i have to register on steinberg.i registered on it and when i went to activate it i had to go on syncrosoft control center and go on wizard download.i went to it and in one of the steps i had to click on one of the things in the license tree but its not letting me do anything.can someone plz help me.
Just try repeating the process of aquiring your license, but believe me when I tell you that this wont be the first problem you will have with cubase, I used that software for awhile and there is a TON of little technial details that can make even the simplest tasks very difficult. But when you get it running it does a pretty good job. My recomendation would be to search it up on google there are endless numbers of fourms that can probably answer your question. But a better recomendation would be to stop using cubase alltogether and switch to a different program like reason. If you know what torrents are you can find a good copy of it on thepiratebay.org for free.
Ignore the advice of the first response. It's crap. He's encouraging you to go out and steal something that you already legitimately own.

Try this:

Otherwise, contact Steinberg. I've found them *very* helpful whenever I have had to deal with them.

And Cubase is awesome. Most of the people who have problems with it are those who are using cracked versions. Is it a coincidence that guitar0ne suggested torrenting Reason, and had difficulty with Cubase.... perhaps also torrented? Doubt it.

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