There's a theory lesson on this site for free, or get lessons from a teacher. Lessons are better but, well, $$$
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woah, i dont understand it at all. confusing...
You have to read it slowly and analyze everything. It is very much like reading dense philosophy or mathematics.

Plenty of people can help you get through it, but you have to ask a specific question or quote a sentence and say, "This specifically confuses me," or something like that. When you're specific, you analyze what exactly confuses you and you also give us something to work with. If you just say, "I don't get it," you'll get another equally dense link.
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woah, i dont understand it at all. confusing...

Get a few lessons so you can understand the basics.
Learn it REALLY slowly. You don't need to jump in at all, take the zen approach.
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Theory is descriptive, not prescriptive.

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theory states 1+1=2 sometimes in music 1+1=3.
Books man.

Go to NOT ONLY guitar center... BUT YOUR LIBRARY TOO.

and like The Sophist said.... take it slow

start out on intervals and train your ear and voice.
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