Hello, if I sit down and play my acoustic guitar, it feels like the neck of the guitar is only being held up by my chord-forming hand, even though I have tried different sitting positions. This makes it difficult to play it and change chords because I am stopping the guitar from falling off my lap. What do you think I can do?

Also, when I play it standing up, it hurts my upper arm to play it. Is it just me or the shape of my guitar? :s
i'm a bit of a noob too but i just sat down and messed around a lil untill it balanced itself for the most part, then i guess my struming arm holds it a bit too, what type of guitar?
I place the guitar on my right leg when I sit, and hold it mostly with my right arm. It's comfortable with me. (I play my acoustic like this)

But I play with my eletric on my left leg. (Why did I say right? No clue the last time I played with my Kramer on my right leg was....... I can't remember)

When standing (no guitar strap) I normally give my right arm the job of gently pushing the guitar against my body. (I have a very light acoustic so this is almost effortless)

Please add me if as a friend I helped! (I like to think I'm a friendly person)
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Well (I`m going to assume you fret with your left hand), my favorite way to sit is in the classical position, with the curve of the body on your left leg. It allows for optimal fret reach and it's pretty comfortable.
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