So just like 2 minutes ago, Jehovah's Witness people came to my door. I'm so sick though I can barely talk, so of course I didn't answer. I opened the door after they left and saw their pamphlet and thought, "Damn, I dodged a bullet on that one!" L.

I've had encounters with them once, and I don't know how to convince them to go away without being able to talk . I guess one can always result to obscene hand gestures..
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well done...whats the point of this thread again
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There was an old video of some Jehovah's Witnesses attacking the residents of a house. The people who lived there tried to get them to leave, when they wouldn't they started throwing water balloons and the JW's flipped out.
The best way to get them to leave is just to not answer your door.
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You can't convince them, it's part of their religion.

Trying to convince them not to do what they do is like trying to convince Christians not to go to Church, Jews not to get circumcised, or Muslims not to pray towards Mecca. You just can't do it.
I had one walk up to me in Sears once. He asked "Excuse me sir, if you were to die tonight, would you be going to heaven?" so I told him "Yes I would, I'm a Lutheran" and he walked away.
I slept with a non practising JW from South Africa a couple of months ago.

It was odd.
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Knock knock.
Who's there?
Jehovas witnesses.
Oh he's been a good boy this week.
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