I know this a real noob question and i should probably have considered it before. But what are other people's experiences? and would many people recommend it?
I'd only recommend it if you really know what you want and if the seller has good feedback.
I got and excellent used Explorer on ebay for 800 and I'm totally satisfied.
You can always check the seller's feedback and see why they got positive/negative feedback and such as well.
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I did it, some of the stuff is really old, but for the price it's definately worth it. Plus, the selection is so much better. I couldn't find a Dean anywhere except online, and on ebay I was able to get it for $150

It is very easy to get screwed on there, someone tried stealing my mom's identity one time. Make sure you don't buy anything unless the person has 97%+ rating or something like that
i know someone who got a effects pedal on ebay, but like ccam said make just its legit, otherwise if you want to throw money away i'll give you my address
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i bought my amp, my acoustic, and my les paul on ebay. and i am extremely satisfied with all of them. i recommend it.
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I couldn't find a Dean anywhere except online, and on ebay I was able to get it for $150

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i use ebay all the time its great, ive only had 1 bad incident so far and that was quite recently i bought a pair of osiris skate shoes and they aint arrived won them 2 weeks ago and the guy aint replying to my emails so thats p*ss*ng me off, on the other hand have bought 2 guitars off there ( a washburn x40 and a ibanez RG 7 string) and both of them arrived perfect without any problems. have also bought a load of other things from games, dvds and even my new nokia n95 8gb which was perfect. so all in all ebay is good if you know what you want and are sure you want the items your looking for but make sure you read the description over again to make sur
I buy loads off eBay and it's just made me lazy 'cos I hardly go to the shops for stuff when it's so much cheaper on eBay.

The only bad experience(s) I've ever had were when I first started using it and even then it was only over something silly like a CD and these things are easily resolved within a few days.
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I've bought one or two things. Sold lots though.

Have you set up a Paypal account?
I've bought a guitar, about 7 pedals and other random things off ebay. Never had any troubles from sellers. Just make sure they have ideally 99%+ reps and check through their feedback to see if it was a random twat lowering their rep with bull****. Try to go for sellers who have built up a lot of rep over a decent period of time as well. Make sure you are prompt with your payment through paypal as well.
yeah go ahed its fine as shure as you make sure its a legit purchase
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I've bought one or two things. Sold lots though.

Have you set up a Paypal account?

yeah i have, i have used it before for other things, like old books that are out of print. Juse asking what's people's experiences are with guitars cause its a hell of alot more monet to spend. Thanks for the replies to all btw!
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I've bought from people on ebay many, many, many times and only one was a bad experience. The guy had 100% positive feedback but only like 3 or 4 auctions. I never got it. I e-mailed him and he said he sent it. Still never got it.

As long as you deal with people who have really good feedback scores you'll have nothing but good experiences.
Depends who u buy from. Like check there feedback and all tht fun stuff. I just bought a perfectly good fender strat tht wouldve cost me 1200 but i got it for 710.
I bought a used Jackson on Ebay. Just use your common sense, check sellers feedback etc.
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I bought a JCM 800 2205 off ebay, the guy tried to scam me. I got my money back and bought another one off ebay. It'll be here in a couple hours
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I bought many things on ebay, and I bought a guitar. I think its great, but make sure you get in contact with the seller and make sure you KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GETTING. And make sure there is insurance and a return policy.
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yeah there is a no returns policy on this one which kind of puts me off. The guy is near me though so could try the guitar out in person
If you're careful and you research what you're buying, it's great.
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