So from what I gather, the only reason that girl is in the band is to have a girl in the band. It's a complete gimmick. The guitar parts are SO simple that there's no point to having 3 guitarists and the lead vocalist does 95% of the vocals.

That said, this band is terrible.
The amount of suck cannot hide behind the downtuning and distortion.

But seriously, i listened to all the songs (well bits and pieces of all of them) and yeah, im gonna have to say they're not very interesting.
For me, they are one of those bands that are fun to see live, but I'd never listen to otherwise.

I.E.- most bands I see at shows.
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I seen them live last night, great energy and a good show. The drummer really impressed me. Then i bought the cd and couldnt really tell when one song ended and another started.
So i agree with xMetalJohnx, there fun to see live but thats about it.
^Yeah same here, its like the same riffs and breakdowns over and over again.

Their old drummer was sick as hell though, he used to be in Impending Doom and Winds of Plague. I think he has his own band now.

EDIT: heres the link http://www.myspace.com/takinglives909

it kinda sounds like a heavier version of donnybrook, and I used to go to highschool with the singer.
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