ok so i have a marshall mc212 cab and i have a vox ad50vt amp, my question is can i use the vox to run the cab. now i dont know much about ohms and all that but i know the vox has a 8 ohm external speaker output on the back, and the marshall has to 2 that say 8 ohm stereo and 4 ohm mono. would the vox be able to run it or would i just end up damaging my speakers in the marshall?
if theres a switch on the Marshall you have to flip it to stereo, if not just plug into the STEREO side, NOT the mono jack.

doing this though, runs the cab as a big 1X12, you an damage your head running the 4 ohm mono
so ill lose one of the speakers and there will be no way to run both marshall speakers? i also have a fender deville 212 but i dunno if thats worth messing around with to run through the cab. unless its a good idea, like i said i just plug in and play so all this ohms and what not is like another language to me