this morning before band practice i made sure all of my stuff was worked, especially my new ENGL. I plugged in and found that i had lost loads of gain and clarity in my sound. I luckily have 2 guitars and checked that it wasnt my tubes. luckily it wasnt and my sound was fine with my ibanez. im not too clued up on pickups and stuff so any help which means i dont have to take my guitar for servicing is appreciated.
The guitar is a Washbuen X50 Pro Q with an SD 59 bridge pup and a Custom neck pup.

thanks guys
My first piece of advice is to spray contact cleaner into the pickup switch and pots and play around with them. If that does not help, make sure all the solder joints are good.
I found what the problem was after inspecting the control cavity-the output jack wires had come away from the solder, so only some of the pickup signal was coming through. I managed to solder the contacts again and have now fixed it