Hello there
Weeks ago i started to have some problems with my amp, while im playing, suddenly i can feel that the volume gets lower and i get a different tone, i thought it was because of the jack cable, so i bought a new one but im getting the same problem. What should i do? i was thinking about buying a new one, what do you recommend me for 100-200€ just for playing in my house? I mostly play Metallica, Iron Maiden or Guilty Gear songs.
Thanks for the answers in advance
guarantee, the volume pot is dirty...get moving contact lubricant and a can of compressed air...spray the pot down and twist it, and blow the air in...mind you this involves openeing the amp..so if your not tech savvy bring it to a tech.
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I see, then i'll take the amp to a tech, how many days it would take to repair it?
And what amp do you recommend me for 100-200€ to practice, playing hard rock/heavy metal?
Thanks for the fast answers