I've been saving up for literally years (due to other expenses taking alot of my paycheck lol) to get a jackson custom shop, and am now just one measly paycheck away from getting the beaut', couple things i'm still deciding on, and a couple things i'd just like to get some feedback on.

first, i'm just gonna keep it simple and get the soloist body, but i'm gonna mix it up with an HSH pickup configuration with Air Norton in the neck (thats not changin) and right now i'm thinking of the Tone Zone in the bridge (that one is subject to change with a better suggestion). the single in the middle though i'm truly unsure about, so any suggestions there are welcome.

I'm getting a reverse headstock, and a brazilian rosewood fretboard with 24 jumbo frets (15-24 scalloped) and more than likely just sharkfin inlays.

Other than the bridge and single coil pickups, the things i need the most help with are the selection of wood to be used and also the trem. I'm wanting a warm tone with solid sustain, so what kind of wood should the body be made of? i'm leaning towards mahogany, and as far as the trem goes, i'm thinking of just the original floyd rose.

Any suggestions are welcome.
i love Rosewood for Neck but Mahogany for Body
and for the tremolo ..a Schaller Original Floyd rose (Made in Germany) ..i've got that suggestion from a video i saw on youtube.

and i'm no good at single coils.

anyways i bet it's gonna be awesome! all custom **** is good heh.
congratulations in advance.
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Warmth and sustain are sometimes a trade-off. Mahogany will give you that special warmth that most of us crave. Walnut might give you more sustain but may be a little too bright. A Rosewood body might be the perfect compromise. I have played all three and love all three for their special characteristics.
The Tone Zone would be a good choice though you might prefer the Super Distortion, especially if you go for the Rosewood or Walnut body.
I have no experience with FR trems so will pass on that.
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thanks for the feedback, and yeah, guess everybody is in the same boat as far as what single coil to throw in there haha. and i'll look into the schaller floyd rose, as well as the super distortion
I'd deffinatly go Schaller with a trem.
I myself wouldn't do a single in the middle, because I don't like 5 way blade switches, but there are tons of options. If you have a guitar with a single coil than you may wanna try out different pups on that. I'd take advantage of Dimarzio's 30 day deal and find something you think fits you.
OFR for sure. but i think this is a waste of money. its not really all that out of the ordinary. i would do something radical if i was getting a custom shop guitar. especially a jackson. like a 3 humbucker or custom designed inlays or something crazy like that. i mean i love jackson customs but the only real difference is the pups. and i think you should go with an ebony f.b. they make guitar look alot more classy and expensive.

IDEA!!! see if they can do an Ibanez-type swirl for the paint! that would be one hella-tight Jackson!
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ill look into the true velvet single coil, and as for the paint i'm goin with a transparent green to be accented by gold hardware. as for the inlays, i haven't completely decided. i'm lookin round for ideas as we speak
Quote by bigfootone212
ill look into the true velvet single coil, and as for the paint i'm goin with a transparent green to be accented by gold hardware. as for the inlays, i haven't completely decided. i'm lookin round for ideas as we speak

If you're getting a transparent finish, don't you want a maple top or something?
Just throwing it out there, if you have been saving for a few years, plan on waiting up to another year. From what I hear, they are not exactly the quickest ones out there to get a guitar from.

I would go green flame maple on a warrior body with chrome hardware, but thats just me. Go all out! haha

Def try to do something unusual if you are ordering from the CS. It will be nice to see you don't have something run of the mill like all the other ones floating around out there.
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yeah, i know, the top wood is gonna be quilted maple. i just didn't include it because it was something i had already decided on! plus i didn't mention the finish originally in the thread