total control over the guitar, cudos.
And the distinctive bass that cuts through around 1:20, really nice.
Overall super good sound, i can't honestly tell you what to improve.
You should try recording some vocals over that with a capable singer if you haven't already. Might sound even better?

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nice man bass really catchy...beginning kinda reminded me of something hendrixy...maybe at some point it was a little overwhelming with different tracks at the same time...maybe pan some to left or right a little.

edit: oh and i listened to divine plan for creation and im diggin it keep em comin
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This is pretty sweet. The Mars Volta influence is quite apparent (not that it's a bad thing). The production is good, but it'd be nice to have real drums. Oh and you're in the South Loop and like Thievery Corporation?? What a coincidence. Did you happen to see them at the Aragon Ballroom on Friday? ****ing awesome show, they played 2+ sets and had incredible lighting. I like your other tracks too. I can see Divine Plan for Creation being awesome live.

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You could've started this with a bit more subtle way and build it up. That being said the guitar and the frantic atmosphere sound damn cool. This has very jam-like feel to it, which I like a lot. I don't know what else to say about this really. Good stuff.

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