Hi, so this is my first forum post/first thread ever.

I have been playing guitar now for 6 months, im okay and have been learning various songs and experimenting with my guitar and my amp (which is quite decent.)

However, no matter what i do, my higher strings, particularly, my B and e strings, just dont sound tonal, its kind of hard to explain, but when i try to play stuff, for example, the intro to Sweet Child O' Mine the two strings i mention just sound horrid. Rather than sounding good and tonal, they just sound really high pitched like a nosie from a Super Mario game. I know this sounds confusing and its hard to explain, but i just want to get a more correct, non screaming, distinctive tone out of those strings, but i cant seem to do it.

If this helps, i have a Strat (SSH) and a fender FM13 DSP 15w amp

Hope you can help, thanks.
Your guitar is either un-intonated, or really badly adjusted so that the strings rattle some fret on their way to sonic bliss, get it checked at a repair shop if you can't do it yourself, grab some info on the net to know what's the problem, check about string height and intonation.
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