Recorded this last night and this morning.

It's called "Not Just My Lips" for now, let me know if you think there is a better title for it, that would help, or if you think this fits.

It's an acoustic piece with me singing, let me know what you think of it and I'll crit yours as well..

first song on the page...


Great voice! you must be ladykiller! lol
I like the chords and the doubling acoustic guitars, along with the solo you have in there. The lyrics are really awesome too.
I personally can't think of anything to make it even better than it already is!

Amazing work!

any suggestions welcome!

edit: I'm LDS too (saw the thing about BYU on your page) it just kind of made me happy lol
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What a great song! Much potentential I say. You have a great voice, I really like the sound of it. I'm thinking of something that could improve, but that's hard, it really sounds great. Little thing would be the ending of the little solo, I think ending in a higher note or something, So it builds up a bit more tention.

I really enjoyed listening to this!
Naaw, it was recorded with my digital camera, the mic on it is good, but the picture is kinda blurry, but hey, it works.

Okay, so it's only fair I give you an opinion on your work

It's a very well put together song I must say, the guitar seems alittle quiet though, also, try experimenting with high and low pitched singing, mix it up alittle depending on what chords you're playing, but like I said, very good ^_^
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Thanks for the feedback guys.

I agree about the melody at the end. I'd thought of switching it up a bit, but then I never did so maybe later on I will... Plus yes, the harmonies, I just sang over once and was done, lol.

The solo, yeah, I'm not that great at soloing on guitar, I tried to end on a higher note, but, that last one was as high as I got, LOL.

Lastly, I'm not sure if I personally agree with the louder guitars, I don't want the vocals to be lost in the mix... but, I might perhaps like to make the intro a little longer to let the sound of the guitars shine a bit more, and maybe shorten the little solo by a couple of bars, ya know?

Maybe you did the lo-fi version of it? Maybe that's the guitar problems you're hearing.
Also, the beginning it goes from a lofi sound to a hi-fi sound. So, the opening guitar is a lot quiter than the rest...

Anyways, thanks for the crits, I appreciate it, and agree for the most part