Ok so I want to replace my pickups in my Schecter Omen 6.. but i dont know what kind to put in my guitarrrrr =[. I was thinking Emg hz's the ones Alexi Laiho uses im not sure which model off the top of my head.. I was gnna go active but its to much of a hastle.. So yeah i need suggestions and feedback on my suggestion of the EMG passives.. thanks so much !
I play metal btw ha
alexi doesn't use emg-hz's does he?

edit: googled it, seems like he does...

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Alexi has passives in his signature guitar line but he also has an on board booster built into it. Actives aren't that much hassle in my opinion, EMG's have a quick connect system too.
If I may be a jerk and throw out stereotypes... I'll refrain from asking "what sound are you looking for?" since you play a schecter I'm going to assume I already know.
To my ear EMG's are very mid scooped and have a pretty distinct sound. If you know you like his tone then go for it. That is exactly the tone you'll hear. No matter what the guitar.
I'm personally a very big fan of the Gibson 498 and the Dimarzio Air Norton.
alexi gets 90% of his sound from his lee jackson preamp, the pickups dont do that much really
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