Tried to find a post somewhere but im a damn metalhead I dont got all day to be reading.
What would you say is the best tunnig for groove metal? My take on groove metal is Pantera and Lamb Of God. Those are my main fav groove metal bands. I was also wondering for like southern rock/metal like Down, Pantera, Hellyeah and so on. I have been playing around with some tunnings, but I cant figure which one is best.
my personal favorite alternate tuning to standard is drop C, it isnt as versitile as standard E but it sounds SICK with alot of distortion, ive only found out about it like a week ago, and only know one song in it, but im definitely goin to use it somemore. and i know for a fact that dimebag used drop D in alot of songs, mainly Walk i know he used it in. alot of people like that tuning but i dont
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Play in whatever ****ing tuning you want.

It doesn't have to be a drop tuning to be br00talz... I have all my guitars set up in standard E.
Standard E, Drop d, Standard d, Standard C Any really.

Im not a fan of c though its too low to be "groove", its just TOO br00tal.
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anything. it doesnt need to be that low. Pantera played a lot of songs in standard, lamb of god plays mostly in drop D, machine head goes down to drop B or C, and all three bands are br00tal. Just play a good groove riff, and you will sound good. The drop/open/4ths tunings are just to change key easily or to make some riffs easier to play, not for playing a select genre.