This is a really like punk song about how the media makes a picture of perfection no can live up to.

The people walk down the street
To the songs of middle class creed
You know what they say to be
Its plastered on the billboards and tv
Look and you'll finally see
You'll die if your not majority
Abandon your points of view
For what other people do

Now you sold yourself
Your in corprate hell
Just be a fake for them
Keep that smile on til the end
Blend in with the crowd
Thats whats in right now
Individuality is so overrated
Its not you they want
Its the whole population

Look at perfection
Its what they're selling
Or is it just your reflection
So listen to what theyre telling you
You can be anything you want
Except what they dont want to see
So the keep it all the same
Be who they want you to be
Take your walk of shame


So swallow your pride
Come along for the ride
The world is watching
You need changing
All your friends say the same thing
Theres no reason for the insanity
Its changing humanity
But you sold yourself to them
So this is how it ends.
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im sorry just reading it sounds like the stereotypical band whining, like simple plan, Good Charlotte,etc etc. but i say its a good start.
NSW Group FTW!

There's nothing incredibly interesting here.
i really like it man.
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good, just drop the cliche's. i.e ''corporate america's greed" and **** about mtv.
it's been done.
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I like, have you ever heard Critical Acclaim by A7X? Might give you a bit more to go on with.

yeah the 'corporate America' and MTV things are a bit cheesy though. Almost kind of hypocritical...

haha its funny u say that. cause i couldnt think of a last line so i added the mtv part. ya i've heard critical acclaim. ya i might ditch the cliches and add some better stuff.
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This line will not do.

I'm not really a punk guy though so I guess my criticism is less applicable here.

Crit mine if you get the chance: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1072010

no man I take everyones the same. i see what youre saying its kinda weak so i changed it. I added a bunch of new lyrics so check it out
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