Howdy, I recently bought a CIJ Jaguar with single coils. Now I'm looking for some inspiration for customizing it.

What I have in mind is maybe replacing or adding PUs, cause I would definitely like some fat humbucker(s) for distortion, also for less hum. So I thought in order to keep the original PUs in there I could route another cavity for a humbucker between them... It could be a full size one or a stacked slim one like a SD Hot Rails. On the other hand I could also replace the original PUs with splittable humbuckers for a similar versatility.

Another thing I want to add is midi capability either with a Roland PU or with a piezo equipped bridge. Then I might change the electronics too, in order to have a midi volume knob etc.

So if there's anybody out there who has done these particular modifications to his Jaguar, I would be glad to see some pics and hear some advice. Of course other modifications can be posted too, as long as it has something to do with the subject title.

So yeah, keep them coming (if there are any), I'm curious.


Theres a customization gallery thread. go check it out.
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Theres a customization gallery thread. go check it out.

Yeah, thanks, I've been there before. I just wanted to create a more Jaguar specific thread here. For all Jaguar owners interested in doing any modifications to those particular instruments. It could save people some time cause they wouldn't have to wade through those huge amounts of irrelevant posts.