Basically im a noob, i've been playing for about a month now, got myself a good teacher, a book and the limitless resources of the tinternet and away i went with my shiny new yamaha RBX374. It took aproximately 5 days for the original battery to run out. Another 5 or so with a cheaper battery and then just over a week with a more expensive battery. Now i've googled this an it seems to be not too uncommon but as i have no prior experience with the insides of a bass im stumped. Im not oblivious to electronics i can solder neatly and i got a GCSE in electronics but im stumped :/ Is this fixable by me? Or my slightly better suited step dad or is this a music shop job or is it too be expected? Im a bit confused as to what to think and any help would be welcome, cheers
Do you unplug your bass whenever you finish playing or do you leave it plugged in all the time. You have to unplug active bas's or the battery does run out. But it should last 6 months to a year.
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Yhhh i was told as soon as i got it not too leave it plugged in :/ so i always make sure its unplugged.
check the wiring for shorts and stuff, or try turning the volume pot all the way down when you're not using it
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check the wiring for shorts and stuff, or try turning the volume pot all the way down when you're not using it

+1 you could be overloading the battery
The jack could quite possibly be a mono jack and not a stereo jack, or the jack is faulty, causing the battery to waste while the input isn't even plugged in.

I tend to go for the simpler things first, that seems to be something wrong, and it's easy to check (in most models anyway).
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Btw if you find out that your bass is just naturally power-hungry then use rechargeable batteries, save you ****loads over time.

Batteries dying within a week is not "power hungry", it's defective. Plus, I've never seen rechargeable 9v batteries, do they exist?
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yes i have 2 9v rechargables. they're dead now. won't hold a charge. took a couple years to get like that and they endured cold temps because they were in my coat when not in use. they're expensive but save money in the long run. check places like radio shack. That's where i got mine.

Sounds like something is definitely faulty here though. if the volume trick doesn't work i'd get it looked at.
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Yamaha posted a warning about this a few years back. If you email Yamaha they will send out a pdf file showing how to make the repair. (It appears Yamaha wired two cables on the battery together). If you're still stuck, print it off and take it to a guitar tech. He will know the problem straight away and fix it with ease. . After the warning came out, Yamaha prices dropped by about £50/60, ouch.
Hey thanks for all the advice . I've emailed yamaha yesterday (friday) so im guessin il have to wait til mon, tues for a reply. But if thats all it is i dont think itl be too hard to fix with a diagram, no we,re did i leave my soldering iron......