What kind of wood should i use on my original build? I'm really confused by all the different types out there. Even if someone could tell me what the pros/cons of a couple varieties, that would be extremely helpful. I probably havent given you enough information so just ask if you need to know more.

A rough way to put it is like this:
Mahogany will give a thicker, gibson kind of "chunk"
Alder and Ash are more common on the Fender end
Generally speaking, Heavier, softer woods are more resonant and thicker sounding
Harder woods will be brighter.
use ash, alder, mahogany, sapele, poplar, basswood... you can use anything for an electric, really... the tonal differences arent as great as an acoustic and they all give a good sound in their own right.

i like multi-laminate bodies, personally.
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Yeah you can use pretty much any dry hardwood on a guitar

Pick a wood that reflects the sound your going for, mahogany = dark, maple = bright etc

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