Well I want to be in a band of course. I already have some people for it and when were playing by ourselves we sound pretty good. The problem is we can never meet and practice, and when we do no one knows wat to do and we end up just goin inside to play xbox or somthin. Can somoene tell me what i should be doing?
My band has this problem sometimes too. Whenever we don't know what to do we usually just sit and talk or something until we decide to play again, I try not to let them play video games because that is a serious distraction.

If you are just starting out, maybe try learning some cover songs?
As far as meeting to practice, you will probably need to weed out the people that aren't dedicated and find some people who are, it will probably take a while unless you get lucky.
Put that ****ty Halo game down, and go practice.
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Why don't you just all jam and see what comes out

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starting is the hardest part but after a while it gets eaiser

i recommend:
1) all agree on a date and time and make sure everyone knows where and when
2) all agree on a song and practice before hand so you can play the whole thing when practice comes
3) just as a band jam with the main part of the song until you can get playing together down well
4) do the song in sections (intro verse chrous etc...)
5) put the song together and play it
6) record (audio or video) listen see what needs fixing and fix it
7) repeat 5 and 6
8) when you get the song down good enough for the day decided on a date time and place for next practice so that part is out of the way
9) reapeat 3 - 8
10) enjoy!

trust me it's easier done then said
Yeah, our main prob. is that one of us plays one thing, one plays another, and we all compete for who can be the loudest. I went to a band camp, but we didn't have that prob. and we don't know why. Any help for us? (me + dedrat are in a band)
make a fixed skedžual man whatever is that word called..

meet every friday and saturday at 6pm and that's a rule.
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Myabe when you start out agree to practice for say 30-40 minutes, then take 20 minutes to just chill out. You can talk about how the practice is going, what you think worked, any suggestions, grab a drink or some food.
. Then repeat. I always find if you set yourself a time it helps.

Make sure you have a plan for what you want to practice, specific songs to cover, or ideas to jam on. Just loose jamming can be awesome, but if yur stuggling to get things done having a plan can help you get started.