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If the title is a bit foggy, here's what I mean...

What do you dislike on certain guitars? For example, I can't stand rosewood , flamed tops, oversized headstocks, humbuckers, or unfinished maple on Strats.

I think they all just kill the true Strat feel and vibe. I also hate no inlays or those really small dot inlays on any guitar. And I can't get used to looking at chrome hardware on Ibanez guitars... I don't know why.
I don't hate things, but when guitar companies ignore tonality for playability. Both are key but id rather own a hard to play guitar that sounds great or an easy to play one thats kinna ****ty sounding.

This goes for each and every company, from ones trying to give sound to lower price ranges (amable, albeit) to ones who just want shred sounds and know distortion is gonna kill tone anyway.
I don't hate anything, but I have a dislike for hot rod painted (flames, racing stripes, etc) guitars, and sparkly paint.

Gold hardware on anything but black, white or overdone cherryburst, large headstocks, overly-large fretwire, overdone shapes(Except the Corvus), Floyd Roses in 9 out of 10 cases, thin necks, unrealistic relicing and overdone finishes.

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i hate SMALL headstocks

and single coils annoy me when I'm not using them on a clean tone
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Hmmm, I hate (x) guitars altogther, it's not just one thing.
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Complicated Paintjobs and sharp edges on any guitar, and humbuckers in a tele.
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Unfinished necks
no humbuckers
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Inlays, especially dots. Gold hardware, not having 1 volume pot per pick-up, gloss on the neck, excessive points...
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I don't like single coils very much, I can't stand Ibanez necks, I don't like pickups without covers on them, and I can't stand Tele's EXCEPT for ones that are in butterscotch blonde.
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bigsbys, full body pickguards, too much abalone, dean guitar headstocks, guitars with only one pickup, 60 cycle hum, 21 frets, guitars where you cant reach the high frets AND ****ING DIMEBAG SIGNATURES!
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i hate abalone i also hate guitar companies that don't dye ebony (I'm looking at you dean!)
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I hate guitars that have multiply binding. I hate veneers. I really can't stand Ibanez necks, they're a little too thin.
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You CAN play anything with anything....but some guitars sound right for some things, and not for others. Single coils sound retarded for metal, though those who are apeshit about harpsichord probably beg to differ.
i hate carved tops, solid color guitars, flames, guitars with no tone pots.
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dean headstocks, schecters syn gates sig, ibanezes RG120
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I hate the pickups on a strat. They are good, just not my cup of tea. Everything else on a strat i feel is just built for me. The neck is nice, the Body contour is perfect. Good guitar, not so good electronics.
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I hate Les Pauls and Strats and Teles.

I feel that the shape is overused and over rated. As well and the paint jobs seen on all of them. Not sure why. Same with super-strat shapes.

I also can't stand sunburst finishes.
I hate when the cutaway does not give you enough room to play the top frets with your thumb behind the neck. That is why I cut my horns off.
I hate unsymmetrical inlays (Sharktooth inlays) on maple necks, especially if the body is a dark color. I don't like single-coils, not having 24 frets, Les Paul shapes.
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I'm not a fan of horned guitars, (Ibanez, Strats, Kramer, You get 90% of guitars out there - with the exception of the SG- That this is B.A.)

BTW....I dont know why. I hate the look of the Telecaster, (dont hate me.) But It sounds amazing in the right hands.
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I hate rosewood on strats.
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Those transparent plastic pickguards that Gretsch have started fitting to Electromatic guitars - they look hideous.

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Glossy necks
Overpriced models
Extreme shapes (Razorback,warlock,and so on)
Thick and bulky necks
Tone pros equipped guitars
Lack of controls (just a volume knob)
A lot of neck binding and abalone
Big headstocks (Dean)
Most stock pickups
poor quality tuners
no comfort contours on a body
poor fret access (LP)
neck heavy guitars
Non-versatile guitars
Edge III's
Flat colors except for black and white
sparkly/metallic finishes

I could go on for a long time but I'll stop there just out of kindness.


What I hate most about (x) guitar is it's flock of fanboys.

That and abalone binding. It is ridiculously tasteless (yes ESP I'm talking to YOU!).

EDIT: ^^What's wrong about tone pros?
I dislike excessively fancy guitars. Flame maple tops, multi-layer binding, abalone inlays (or even abalone binding), gold hardware etc. just seem inappropriate to me. I mean, sure, it looks great, but I wouldn't want to play one. They don't suit me.

It's hard to find a plain-looking guitar that suits my style of music. It seems that all good-sounding guitars are either too fancy, or all-black, which is kinda boring.

I actually bought one of these once, and got rid of it 3 days later.

My dream guitar would look and feel like a strat, and sound like...something suitable for heavy rock and classic metal.

EDIT: I also don't like Floyd Roses. If you don't use one, they're hell to adjust, change strings on, and even to play. I have trouble muting and playing harmonics on guitars with locking trems.
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What I hate most about (x) guitar is it's flock of fanboys.

That and abalone binding. It is ridiculously tasteless (yes ESP I'm talking to YOU!).

EDIT: ^^What's wrong about tone pros?

The shape of the saddles and the way the bridge positions your hand when palm muting really bugs me.I've played on either flat mounts or trems my whole time as a guitarist so they just feel very odd and uncomfortable to me.

And yes,abalone binding is ridiculous.


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I also can't stand sunburst finishes.


I never quite understood the popularity of the sunburst finish. I like it on a Les Paul but on a Strat it looks weird in my opinion
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Flame Paint jobs
HSS guitars
Pointy headstocks
Maple necks on les pauls
I don't even shred
I don't really like other inlay shape that not the classic Dots, and don't like the abalone inlays. I ABSOLUTELY HATE the binding and inlays on the LTD xx-1000 guitars
I dislike the guitar on an Ibanez.

Big ol' list of things I hate on guitars:
  • Bare, wax, oil or clear coat-only finishes on bodies. Get a proper finish on that timber damnit!
  • Dot inlays.
  • Dragons. Dragons on guitars are worse than neckbeards and wolf t-shirts, especially those big abalone dragon inlays that cover a whole fretboard and half the body. You know who likes abalone dragons on guitars? 28 year old virgins.
  • Those stupid handles Ibanez JEMs have. It's not even a safe way to carry a guitar, in fact structurally it's dangerous.
  • Neck humbuckers on Telecasters.
  • Bridge humbuckers on Telecasters which aren't angled.
  • 'Flake' finishes.
  • Big headstocks. To this day I do not understand what ever possessed Fender to increase their headstock size.
  • Firebirds with regular sized humbuckers.
  • More than two pickups, unless it's a basic Stratocaster.
  • Large fretwire.
  • Scalloped frets.
  • Slim necks. Vintage Fender dimensions are as slim as any neck should ever be.
  • Neck pickups on 24 fret guitars. What's the ****ing point, the 24 fret extension kills the neck tone anyway.
  • Spikes.
  • Pickguards that serve no purpose, i.e. not protecting a particularly nice top, not supporting electronics, etc.
  • Guitars that don't have at least one volume control per pickup. If you're going to have a tone control then you need one per pickup too. One volume and one tone for two+ pickups is worthless.
  • Fretboards with a 14 degree radius or more.
  • Fretboards with any sort of finish on them.
  • Any guitar which is made to look like one type but arrange to try to emulate another, e.g. a Telecaster made of mahogany with LP electronics or an SG with a Strat singlecoil pickup arrangement. If you want the sound of a certain type of guitar, buy that type of guitar!
  • On-board effects, active boosts and active pickups. If something needs a battery box sitting in the guitar's body, it shouldn't be on a guitar.
  • Stickers, Tip-Ex writing, home-made stenciling, etc etc.

Okay. Phew. I'm done.
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i hate telecaster shapes, I HATE pretty much all strats that arent red, i dont know why, i just do
I don't like humbuckers at all. In any guitar. I also hate awkward shaped guitars except for Explorers, Floyd Roses, lock tuning of any kind, and 24+ frets.
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