I have a quick question. are you able to play a semi acoustic through a guitar amp, or does it have to be an acoustic guitar amp.
anyhelp would be appreated.
My friend plays a Washburn electric-acoustic through his VOX AD15VT.
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Yes you can but it sounds horrible.

I suggest you buy a small amp for acoustics.

Oh! You meant a semi-acoustic, I thought you were talking about an electric-acoustic.
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i know its not the most top notch thing you can get to improve upon acoustic tones, but the aural acoustic xciter is decent for its price and will add a bit of sparkle to any acoustic tone you're trying to shape. I use it on my acoustics through a PA system and it helps a bit, but even through a guitar amp with semi-acoustics it should add a little more of that acoustic tone you might be looking for.

i know its not all that useful for electric guitars, but they should make an electric combo with optinal tweeters in it for people who want to play acoustics through them as well. or is there something like that already?
You can do it. It won't sound great but unless you're a professional, I don't think it's worth the hundreds of dollars to takes to get a good acoustic amp
I ran my dad's Takamine electric-acoustic into my Bugera 333XL's clean channel and it didn't sound half bad after some EQing on both the amp and the guitar. I cranked it up loud and, to my surprise, it didn't feed back, but acted almost like an ebow on the strings, giving ridiculous sustain.

I think it'd sound better if you ran it direct into your PA if you have one, though.
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I think it'd sound better if you ran it direct into your PA if you have one, though.


But I play my acoustic electric through my tube amps and it sounds great. Not sure what the other guys are doing but mine sounds fine.
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