Does anyone know some good flamenco music tab something that sounds like :---0---1---3---1---0. If you know what I mean thanks
there are plenty of flamenco songs with that phrase.
its e har min so i would guess that there would be endless songs containing those tabs...
a couple i know are flamenco diablo, in the beginning... even though i hate yngwie...
and flamingo, paul gilbert...

i wish i knew real flamenco songs...
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The fragment of tab you wrote is certainly not an example of E harm minor, no matter which string it's written for. On the 1st or 6th string it's highly likely to be from phrygian mode on E.
the beginning to Rhapsody of Fire's "Gargoyles, Angels of Dakness" from the Power of the Dragon Flame album. its easy and fancy enough to start with
Maria Del Monte (shes a singer but has awesome songs guitar wise)
Fernando De Cordoba - especially his song corcho con corcho, such great progression - I need more of his material!!!

if you really want to find flameco guiatrists, you hav the itnernet, us searh engines and youtube al night, 'amazing flamenco guitar' 'best flamenco albums' ETC ya know
Learn to do Triplet Resgueado.
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Right, you'd best ignore every single comment above. Rodrigo Y Gabriela, as much as you might adore them are not flamenco in any way. They've denied this themselves, Rhapsody is even further off.

If you want to learn flamenco, and especially that little phrase you posted. You should start looking up some Soleares, there's tons of tabs and sheet music for them. I case you're wondering, flamenco is devided in several styles such as the Farruca, Siguiriyas, and like the one already mentioned, the Soleares.
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As above, Rodrigo Y Gabriela are not flamenco, i love them but they are not flamenco. However they are a good band to lear a few of the techniques used in flamenco
definately look up rodrigo Y gabriela if your into metal they do a fair few metallica covers