i have a dsl50 and have been using a peavey sheffield 112sx cab since i got it. its been fine until now, where im going to be playing bigger gigs, and ive wanted a 2x12 for it since i got the head. when i turn up the volume there is a weird low end sound from the speaker kinda like farting i guess.

so anyways, i really dont have a lot to spend right now, probably like $200 max, but in the future i will be able to buy new speakers, like some gt12-75s.

im looking at the harley benton 2x12 without the V30s right now. for like $150 plus shipping, it seems like a good deal since i plan to upgrade the speakers later on. i just need something soon that sounds decent and im guessing its not too hard to beat the peavey speaker. reliability is the main thing i guess in the long run.

any other suggestions besides the harley benton 2x12 for under like $200-$250?

Harley Bentons are decent, also look at the Crate V cabs. Your best bet, though, would be to save up a little more dough and get an Avatar or Lopo 2x12.
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