I got an epiphone SG 400 i think thats it but um when i play my D or G string i here like a rattling sound in im pretty sure its the bridge like metal is shaking around

sorry this isnt the most specific thing ever but if you know how to fix it id appreciate it

Thank you in advance
If it's near your bridge, it might be the pickups. My Gibson SG does this a lot. I just move the pickups around (just with your fingers, no tools involved) and it eventually sorts itself. I looked into it a couple of years ago and apparently it's pretty common with SGs. Hope that helps
That. Try screwing them down a little bit (the screws on the edges of the pickup rings, the ones in the middle adjust PUP hight)
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ya im pretty sure its up by the head i screewed the pups on and i think its by the head the truss area
K well my SG has recently started doing this too. Fantastic piece of equipment Anyway I think it's the nut. If I hold my finger over top of the nut it doesn't' do it. So that leads me to believe the string is a little loose in the nut but I'm not sure. I don't have a stock nut either, I got that piece o crap outta there cause it was causin all sorts of troubles.
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Honestly I have no idea. I don't notice it when I'm playing with an amp so I haven't wanted to kill myself yet. I'm gonna get work done on another one of my guitars and I'll bring in my SG to see if the guy can tell me what's up. It won't be for a little while so I'll add you as a friend and then PM you once I go.
aight thank you

ya it sounds like we have the same problem i dont notice it when im playing through an amp so i dont really care but i just want it to be perfect haha thank you