yea so i sold me gibson les paul , however i just got the sh*tt*est guitar in my life f me a fender squire strat for like 150$ anyways i recorded this and i want you guys to tell me if you like the solo a few minute in?

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Right ... you sold a Gibson LP and replaced it with a Squire Strat? Okey dokey that's believable.
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"Wait , stop! I need to get my fight music on! ... wait.... one sec....yep thats it, we're good to go"

If it has a good body, a nice long neck and 6 strings i'd hit it like Ron Jeremy on viagra.
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no it shouldnt cuz it is not a cover it is a reinitiazation of dankness u should be in the cover thread

...which should be in the cover forum. Did you write any of this? Or did you just solo over it?

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