So i have had a floyd for a while now, it was tuned into standard for me a while oag and now I wanted to tune it into drop c. i followed many of the instructions on the internet and on youtube, but the bridge isn't flush to the body! and when i get it flush my strings are very out of tune. then when i tune them, the bridge is out of wack again! please help me, i need to learn some kind of monster by metallica!
Adjust the action if it needs to raise, if its too high your strings are creating too much tension, install another string.
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theres a massive floyd rose thread stickied, how did you miss it
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Now.. I assume that your Bridge is going to High..... in that case you have to open the back then adjust the springs unitil the Bridge is level with the body...

IF its sinking into your guitar its as simple as find something to prop u the FR EX spoon or something to make it level with the body then tune...
yea follow the sticky it is very hard to mess up setting up your floyd with that wonderful guide
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