I got home and started writing music. This is what came out. I think it's funny. Mainly wrote it for teh lulz. I've got one verse, a pre-chorus, and a chorus. I think that's all that's necessary...

BJ From a Dog.


When I masturbate,
You get interested,
and then you start to

Then you find a smell,
and you feel some warmth,
and then you start to


Oh, your tongue is so wet,
you won't let me forget
how good it feels...

Your paws scratch my thighs,
your furry tail is
slapping on my heels...

[Chorus, to the tune of "Makes Me Wonder" by Maroon 5]

I got a blowjob from a dog,
and he made it feel so good,
feel so good,
feel so good.

I got a blowjob from a dog,
did things no other woman would,
and that's just why it feels so good.

That's just why it feels so good.

Slightly disturbing

edit: kinda funny though
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You, sir, have obviously advanced in songwriting skill beyond any other in this pathetic forum. In fact, you're too good for us. You might want to go to a more advanced writing community to post your pieces from now on, at least there you will have competition.
No, Hesh, YOU'RE the advanced one here. Anyone who can make sarcasm translate across the vast impersonal communication system we call "the internet" has got to be the most skilled writer in existence. Bravissimo.