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I wasn't sure if there is a thread on this, but I looked, and nothing came up, so....

Lastly, perhaps the coolest car I've ever been in and been driven in...

Be cool.
you've been in a zonda! thats ace
for me probably a Chrysler 300 lol
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that zonda looks so vicious

probably the coolest car ive been in has been a BMW M3, it is now my dream car
Nissan 350Z

And my neighbors Crossfire

I got to drive it. I want one so bad.
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A Viper. That's a fast bitch.

A couple of my friends tuned cars. A Crossfire, a 240SX(Drifts so nice). a lot of other tuners.

Me and my friends like drifting
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Ive been in a ford cosworth, ford rs turbo, bmw 3 and 5 series... Um thats about it.
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Probably a Hummer. I need to get into more cool cars.

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Plymouth Prowler.

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this, but dark metallic green. it belongs to my uncle. sadly i haven't really been in any other cars that i would consider cool.

that is a 1967. his might be a 1966, but i can't remember for sure.
I've sat in the white T-bird that was in "American Graffitti". It was on display this last year at Hot August Nights in Reno, NV.
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I call BS on someone being in a zonda. Zondas are like sweep picking. They don't actually exist. It's a massive conspiracy to make me feel like crap.
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donkey the wise, very good

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I'm so jealous of the Mustang
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The Michael Keaton Batmobile at the Detroit Auto Show.
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I've been in the weinermobile, too.

Also, my friend's dad had a 1952 Bentley that he chauffeured people in that I got to ride in all the time.

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Boss 302. Nice ****ing car. My dad used to have a '69.

Not a picture of mine, but it's a 1978 Li'l Red Express.

The CEO of my company owns it.

As well, my '49 F-47 is in pieces right now, but it's still a nice truck.
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I went on a track day for my 18th birthday at Thruxton Race Circuit...Heres me in them!

*yes it has left and right turns, for the American pit monkeys...*

And this is the Porsche Cayman I drove after.
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My mate gave me a lift to school in this yesterday haha.

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I've driven my uncle's Porche, but my favorite was my friend's custom '64 Impala.
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dad used to own one, modded to the ****, NoS, aftermarket mags, wiring, engine, filters, everything. T'was a gorgeous car
My dad has a freind with a Ford GT. That is a scary motherf.ucker. He hit 190 on a local road, and still had 1 gear left.
Ford Mustang, (driven it as well.) Possibly one of the most orgasmic experiences ever.
My dads old Mini Cooper 1.3i.
A rally prepped 3litre turbo charged Toyota Starlet. (Which I drove around an ice lake in Finland).
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Probably a Hummer. I need to get into more cool cars.


probably this man's 1988 ford f150 shes a true beauty
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i was at a maserati dealership and they had a few ferrari F450's there. we got to sit in one, but sitting only, i wish they would have at least started it up for us. i've also been in an aston martin, a porsche 911, and a few other nice sports cars.
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Ford escort RS cosworth, i jizzed in my pants

The only thing that could beat that:

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A Viper. That's a fast bitch.

A couple of my friends tuned cars. A Crossfire, a 240SX(Drifts so nice). a lot of other tuners.

Me and my friends like drifting

My friends are all into drifting too. But they're all hella cheap so they all have 240SX's. WE had 8 240s parked outside of Buffalo Wild Wings once, haha.
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