So i'm trying to learn some bullet for my valentine songs from scream aim fire, and i'm having a hard time

I wanna lear Waking the deamon, scream aim fire, disappear and hearts burst into fire. The hearts burst was kinda easy and didnt take long to learn, but the other 3 seems to be too hard for me ..

What should i practice on to be able to play songs like those ? the obvious would be to play other bfmv songs i guess, but i really dont like any song except for those 4 ..

Any suggestions on band with similar style ? or what shall i do
i can play canon rock pretty good, everything except for the sweeps
man totally didn't like the direction of scream aim fire. i dont know, the vocals remind me too much of metallica.
really liked the poison tho

wut did you guys think?
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well they are all pretty easy, well not easy but theiy are not hard, just play everything slowley then a bits faster and like that until u nail it
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TS practice some Easy songs first and then move on to the harder stuff
Tears don't fall is quite an easy song
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