Hey does anyone know any songs that have a girl signing? My sister wants to sing with me but i can't think of any? Preferably acoustic and my sis sings in a really high voice. Also could the guitar part of it be fun to play? Right now we know like Evensecnese (mangled that spelling) and the guitar in that is pretty boring. Thanks much!
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i realy like paramore´s "pressure" its fun to play and also other paramore stuff...
well it has a girl singing near the end a bit, but

Blindfolds Aside- Protest The Hero
Have Heart


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paramore has decent guitar and if you look online you can find acoustic versions of a ton of their songs
I fade away by Pillar has a girl singer in the chorus but that's it. There are no other rock songs in history that have a girl singer
Bayside - Duality
Aesop Rock - Bazooka Tooth
Horse the Band - The Mechanical Hand
Dillinger Escape Plan - One of Us is the Killer
Common - Be