So I was on youtube and was looking at how old some videos are and I was just wondering...what was the first one? The oldest I've seen is Canon Rock.
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It was a guy feeding an elephant at a zoo.

Edit: I'm pretty sure YouTube came out in April or May of '05.
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thats a good question.ive been on youtube so long and seen so many videos i cant even remember.
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Read how Youtube came to be.
Would have been some home movie from one of the kids who made it.

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another question, who invented youtube? does youtobe have a tom like myspace?
It was called "Me at the zoo"
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Ohh, let me find it. I like finding out useless things.

EDIT: ^ Yeah, it's that. Wikipedia for the win. lol
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Probably "Lars the Emo Kid" in like seventh grade. Actually, probably before that but that's the first I remember.
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The first I've ever seen was the infamous Numa Numa dude...

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another question, who invented youtube? does youtobe have a tom like myspace?

These two guys started the website and sold it to google for like 2 billion. Saw it in a magazine or something. One of them was asian.

And I'm pretty sure Tom didn't start myspace, he's just their public face or whatever.

Edit: nvm, Tom was a founder of myspace...
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