In the chorus. Its obviously a d, then what is it? You can see his hand better at about 2 minutes in. The second chorus. I just can't figure out what he's doing.

And also the tuning of the song. Im guessing its d standard because they're usually drop c live, and this uses normal chords so im guessing they jsut tune up they're e string a little. Right before this song, on that same radio station they did rise above this with the same guitar, and it was in drop c

Yes. I know this is the wrong section. I just really need some help quickly, and its only the chord im asking for help on. It doesn't matter what guitar its on. I posted in tab talk and got one response that was wrong. I've waited a while so im just posting here.

Please don't get pissed, i just need some help on the chord. Even ignore the tuning question. I just cant figure out what hes doing in the chorus after the D

c add 9 i believe in standard

as in Bb add 9
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c add 9 i believe in standard

He's definately not in standard though. And he plays two different things in the chorus. A D, and then two different chords close together