having been playing guitar for four years. I've always wanted to play bass it sounds really fun, so I got a regular start pack (Ibanez Bass Jumpstart) and I'm not looking to play the seriously like I do guitar. I'm really used to playing with a pick instead of my fingers, so I was wondering if there are some easy songs to start out with without playing with a pick. I was just screwing around the first day and learned a few bass parts to Orion and For Whom The Bell Tolls, and I think I figured out the intro to N.I.B. Any help would be appreciated.
Well a really easy bass song is Dammit by Blink-182, though they use a pick, you don't need to and it could get your finger picking faster.
ooo ironman is like the first song i ever learned
its good for getting used to playing with your fingers
i'd say you should try that