I am going to buy my dream guitar and am close to having the money. What I was wondering is, where is the best (meaning cheapiest) place to buy a Fender Jaguar 1962 Re-Issue, Sunburst, online?

On guitarcenter.com they have the sunbursts at $1,500, but I feel like I could get it for less than that. They match prices with an additional 10% off, so I'd probably buy it there, but would need some proof of an online store.

Any suggestions or links?

Thanks a lot guys.
fender has a map (minimum advertised price) so you won't find a new one advertised for less - unless it's from a place that's not an authoirized dealer - in which case gc will not match the price.

but used.
Yeah, been looking around online. Seems to be the set rate. If anyone knows anything about finding one cheaper though, send me a link.